Saturday, December 30, 2006

to paraphrase gordo . . . bad bad lazy blogger

Sorry folks.
Arrived in Sydney neigh on two weeks ago.

Had good internet access for @ least a week or so.
What have I done in that time - - - absolutely squat !!!
we’ve been out seeing the sights of this fab city, sampling all it has to offer food and wine wise, enjoying the company of our fantastic friends and generally not worrying about being on the road for a few weeks.

So I'm sorry, and I will make it a new years resolution to update this script with more frequency :-)

So what have I learnt to date on my travels

Mountains look good close up, very good

You get a headache at altitude

In Nepal the Hindu’s seem to own all the businesses, but the Buddhists have a better quality of life

Don’t even breathe the air in Katmandu If you can help it – you’re a westerner it will poison you

If you need a visa for India, take every bit of paperwork you own with you to the embassy – and make copies (they’ll want most of them), oh and a good book

If your going to be ill in Delhi. Try and make it as far as a bathroom if you can, projectile vomiting as a lift door opens just don’t look cool …

Don’t trust Singapore post to lose the Christmas prezzies to your mum and sister, that you dragged all the way from Nepal - since you didn’t trust the post there !!!!

Don't trust a shipping agent to get your Christmas prezzies to your hosts in oz there on time

and finally the more fuck buddies you have the more sti checks you have to go through (courtesy of the urinal wall in the Imperial hotel in Erskenville - where they filmed Pricilla queen of the desert )

but when all's said and done & I go to bed @ night after looking upon stunning views of the Himalayas - I still dream of oceans

This ones called the Indian ….

chat to you all again soon.


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