Wednesday, February 21, 2007

Piccie of the week !

Seen this week in a vets window in the Coromandel

I can see mum putting frontline on the back of little jonnies neck :-)

Monday, February 19, 2007

buying a shed in kiwi land

so we're buying a 'cheap' car to travel around New Zealand for the next couple of months

The rules for purchase (male):
Has it got 4 wheel's ?
Does it start/go/stop ?
Does the engine bay look like a dog's breakfast ?
How badly do the brakes squeak ?
Has it got a stez? If yes, does it go loud enough to cover the noises from all the above ?

The rules for purchase (female):
What did full independent mechanical report say ?
What do we have to get fixed, and when ?
How much road tax has it got left ?
How long is left on the warrant of fitness ?
Its not bloody white is it ?
How Much?

The Result for 700 of your UK pounds !!!

Standing Order's For the Driving in New Zealand.

Driving will be split 50:50
50% of the time J will drive,
50% of the time S will decide if she wishes to drive. If 'No' she will nominate a n other.

No day of travel will be over 4 hours (unless the other 50% rule applies !)

The 'Tractor Game' (leg 2 - NZ) will be played @ all times of driving. However a small amendment to scoring rule is being enforced to dissuade 'jon' from utilising the Google Brotherhood information source and driving past the John Deeree factory (as happened in Melbourne).

@ know time is the std Kiwi male driving style to be adopted . ie steering with your knees, right hand out window, and chugging a bottle of beer with your left !

@ all time be on the lookout for lunatic Kiwi drivers (you can't miss them, their the ones in cars !!) since the standard of driving, is a little agricultural !!!

finally, don't sweat the sweet stuff (this is a drug reference from Northlands apparently !)

ta for now....

ps got an ect sarnie the other day 4/10 on the 1 to Brunels buttery scale - disappointing !

Sunday, February 11, 2007

Buying a Skip

I'm in New Zealand @ the mo.
Ive been hooking up with some old friends,
watching the boats in the harbour,walking in the islands in the Huraki Gulf, and drinking lots of wine
@ the many wineries along the path.

However, Today I went to the car sales @ the race course and bought a banger, no a nail, no a skip, yes a skip.
So, the Tour De Kiwiland starts tomorrow lunch time (no point in getting up to early now is there !)
more soon and some piccies
Off to celebrate with .... some wine :-)




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