Tuesday, August 29, 2006

man its all just too serious !

Hi Folks

So, after a fearful couple of weeks banging my head against the metaphorical wall.
Its all got a bit much, and I've sent the problem upstairs.
So, I've taken a few days off to finish the new bathroom and re-evalulate a few things.

First of all I note Gordo has got a new skin, so thinks me - I'll have a change too.
Secondly you may have noticed the title of this blog has changed. That to reflect the new focus.

To set the benchmark against which all other ECT sarnies will be initially judged, I'd like to recommend Brunels Buttery, on the spike, bristol docks as the starting benchmark.

So, if anyone has recommendations for good sarnie sites worldwide, let me know, and I'll do my best to test them out.

other news:

My grapes are nearly ripe, so if any ones got any good (tried and tested!) potions for making wine from pinot blanc grapes, be good and drop me a line.

I've just broken the keyboard on my 3mth old lappie - the 'm' key is now just a stub on the pcb.

Oh and I've just discovered my bank has deleted all my direct debits and standing orders, and they wont admit liability. Once more my bank have right royally fucked up. - but more later, I'm off to buy some more ceiling paint and head to the welli for a beer

laters !

Thursday, August 10, 2006

Ethical Project Management

So I been trying to pen a piece on this subject for the last few days.
Based on the last 10 years working in this software niche.
I completed four pages on it last night, but when I reviewed it this morning it all read like total stott!

So I'm gonna try again in a bit, but the highlights need to include :-

Resetting Expectations: (when you initiate the project only to find the sales weasel has over sold the gig )

Managing Expectations: (when the software ain't up to the gig, and the customer realises it)

Communication Strategy: (bad news is best told early, and its best to always tell the truth - however much that hurts)

Delivery Management: (hack the gig up into manageable chunks, that can then be discussed, agreed, controlled, & measured)

Risk Mitigation: (spend time exception planning in case it goes horribly wrong - especially around the closure of a chunk - it usually will)

Issue Management: (plan to have clean process to raise real issues -not noise- up the project chain of command, so your role for this task becomes exception management not micro management - remember you've still got a day job to do!)

Team Work: (take time to build a good team, invest in them and look after them, it will pay you dividends when you need to step up)

Ignore Random Noise: (if you happen across an MBA graduate who starts talking about, to time, to budget, to requirement. a)ignore them, b)drive round them, c)refer them to rob tomsett or the PMI schools of thought, d)look for the scars, if there are none -refer to a,b,or c, if there are -question them, they'll mostly be found wanting- then ignore them)

Other Stuff To Mention:

How much good professionalism has come into our niche in the last 10 years - where were seeing less second hand photocopier salesmen and more true professional IT customer account managers.

How support functions have become critical for all facets of the business, sales, consultancy, delivery, customer support & even senior management

More Later

Ciao for now

Tuesday, August 01, 2006

another place holder, but this sums everything up @ the mo, more later ........

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