Wednesday, November 28, 2007

Return to blogsphere

And Were Back .............

I decided a while ago to not to continue with this blog thang.

Basically exposing yourself to allow the world to your inner thoughts has never been my bag, and discovering some of the very idiots you would chearfully see 'falling undera truck' were monitoring your posts,
sorta added some additional perspective ...

But I was trailing through the 'tinterweb the other day, and found a new post by an old friend which highlighted some issues and problems she's faced and that I would have never known about, except by the power of reading and this darn technology.
So I'm back, hang them all, and thank you very much Lindsay.





Was delighted to see you return to your blog. It's really important for those of us 10K miles away to be able to keep in touch.

As to those monitoring - well, you can always limit what you say. Or you can just think "screw 'em if that's the best way they can think of spending their time".

Those of us who care look forward to more of your writings.

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