Thursday, December 06, 2007

Strange week, this week.
Been trying to get to grips with the wonderful 'brave' new world of Enterprise 2.0 technology, while @ the same time trying to ascertain on how that will effect the project management of 'solution delivery'. Will it change @ all ? - I bloody well hope so .....
Theres a hell of a lot of snake oil around enterprise 2.0, and you can already see the ex-phocopier salesmen rubbing their hands @ any of the conferences you go to (new technology - same old message - same old 'sales strategies', same old remuneration model ) licence sales = new bmw, new house in spain, 4 golf vacations per year, and what about delivery to the customer.
Bahh!! that's an SEP !!

Anyways more on that later. Back to the PM stuff.

So, how do we revolutionise the project delivery approach to allow 'User to Add Value - the supposed crux of E2.0' without compromising the controlled 'and lets face it anal' delivery of a solution into a customer environment.
Mmmm quite a challenge !!, esp when you consider that 99.99% of all E2.0 software is vapour, and destine to remain so :0)

But, as this market develops and becomes one (sic!), then we (the professional delivers) are going to need a more rapid, dynamic and fluid method of capturing the customers requirement, add in the value that the client/end user is going to bring to the piece and deliver in a robust fashion to the customer (ticking all the -control- boxes along the way).
In the tome's of project management (as published by APM and PMI) you just wont get this. So we need a new champion to challenge the old guard.

Me, I'd like to propose Rob Thomsett (, there's some darn good idea's here that have the makings of suiting the brave new world we are all gonna embrace. . . .

your thoughts ?



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