Tuesday, February 05, 2008

..... And now its February already

January is a strange month.
It sorta appears on the back of a six day hangover, and results in at least two days more....
Then we all go back to work, and immediately wonder - bugger where did that time go !!!

Then the bank account looks like the pixies have been using scythes to manage it, the main colour I can see its RED, followed by more RED, so the desperation for pay day quickly gathers momentum.

Added to this, ive been re-mortgaging, bought a new (note to those who know - Not a replacement) car, paid a hunk of debt of a credit card (thanks Tower!!), accidentally generated a wheel barrow load of bank interest (thanks again Tower !!), and spend a weekend helping an old friend move house.

So we reach month end, pop over into Feb, and ive still not updated this blog, fixed the wall fittings, ordered the new carpet, finished painting the stairs and started scanning my bnw negatives of my trip to Oz, Nz and Easter Island. On top of that ive committed to a 1/2 marathon @ the end of March, and want to grab a holiday in the sun for a week before a go mad with SAD...And thats before we start talking about the newish gig and my role - which is turnin out kinda funky @ the mo.

So it all adds up to go, go, go. Shezz I'm gonna need a break form reality @ this rate.......

chat more soon.


That's exactly it!

Where did it go? (looks around)

What's the new car? ooh la la - did the blue meanie finally throw up it's Italian hands for the last time?
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